Superstar Thomas Bionic

Thomas Bionic Beat Boyz Superstar
Every month we pick an inspirational kid to answer our Beat Boyz Superstar Q&A. This month we introduce you to @Thomas_bionic, who you may recognise from our debut collection.

Thomas is a wonderful example that there are no limitations to what you can achieve and it's an absolute joy to have him as one of our original Beat Boyz.⁠
Thomas Bionic Beat Boyz Club
💥 Do you have a nickname? - TOT! Or Thomas Bionic.⁠

💥 What’s your favourite meal? - My Mum's tuna pasta bake.⁠

💥 What is the funniest thing you've ever done? - On Halloween night, I took my prosthetic off, then laid down on the floor with fake blood on by stump, while my brother rang the doorbell and hid.⁠

💥 What makes you happy? - Playing sport.⁠

💥 Who is your hero and why? - I have three heroes: Paralympian Jonnie Peacock, Paralympian Rachel Morris, and racing driver Billy Monger. They have all shown me that being an amputee doesn't need to stop you doing anything.⁠

💥 What is your greatest achievement? - Finishing the schools cross country before my amputation - I was determined to make it all the way round even though my leg was in a brace and I had to use crutches for some of it.⁠

💥 What do you want to be when you are older? - A Paralympian!⁠

💥 If you could have one wish what would it be? - More wishes!⁠

💥 What’s your favourite song and/or artist? - Times like these! Radio 1 All Stars⁠

💥 What’s your favourite quote/lyric/motto? - If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.⁠

💥 What’s your favourite Beat Boys item? - My Snoody!⁠

💥 Do you have any questions for Beat Boyz Club? - Can I model for you again?!?!? I loved it. ⁠

🖤 Thank you for your brilliant answers to our SUPERSTAR Q&A.⁠ 🖤 ⁠
Thomas Bionic - Beat Boyz Club Superstar

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