Superstar Riley

Riley Simmonds

Every month we pick an inspirational kid to answer our Beat Boyz Superstar Q&A.

This month say hello to level 3 elite gymnast @rileyroosimmonds

Read on to learn more about Riley Roo!

💥  Do you have a nickname? - ROO

💥  What’s your favourite meal? - Chicken and pasta

💥  What is the funniest thing you've ever done? - I fell off my motorbike and done a cartwheel to stand.

💥  What makes you happy? - Making other people happy, kindness and gymnastics.

💥  Who is your hero and why? - Joe Fraser because he loves parallel bars like I do and he is a world champion!

💥  What is your greatest achievement? - My biggest achievement is becoming Elite level southwest champion for 3 years and representing my region in the national competitions

💥  What do you want to be when you are older? - I'd love to be a professional gymnast or a sports physiotherapist

💥  If you could have one wish what would it be? - To be able to compete at the Olympics

💥  What’s your favourite song and/or artist? - I don't really have one.

💥  What’s your favourite quote/lyric/motto? - Losers complain, winners train.

💥  What’s your favourite Beat Boys item? - The Snoody/ hoody

💥  Do you have any questions for Beat Boyz Club? - Will you make shorts in the summer?

YEP! Shorts are on their way.

🖤 Thank you Riley for your brilliant answers to our SUPERSTAR Q&A.⁠ 🖤 ⁠

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