Superstar Ethan

Beat Boyz Superstar Ethan

Every month we pick an inspirational kid to answer our Beat Boyz Superstar Q&A.

This month we introduce you to the multitalented @ethanchonghay from London. Bboy, Cellist, Skater, Model... Ethan does it all!

Read on to learn more about Ethan...⁠

💥 Do you have a nickname? - Not really but my crew 'Central Hype' call me 'Little man'.⁠

💥 What’s your favourite meal? - I love sushi or anything with rice.

💥 What is the funniest thing you've ever done? - I tricked my Chinese teacher into believing that a 'Rumbletusk' is a type of elephant in front of the class and she searched it on the computer for everyone to see that it was a Power Rangers character. She was not happy.

💥 What makes you happy? - Spending time with my mum and performing/ doing shows making others happy.

💥 Who is your hero and why? - My mum because she is kind and does everything for me.

💥 What is your greatest achievement? - Being accepted at the Royal Academy of Music and over coming my fear of dancing in front of people when I got to dance with Nadia Rose at Culture Mile Festival (that day helped my confidence).

💥 What do you want to be when you are older? - I want to continue to perform and inspire my community and maybe be one of the top bboys in the world.

💥 If you could have one wish what would it be? - To meet and perform with Chris Brown.

💥 What’s your favourite song and/or artist? - Chris Brown is my favourite, I love all of his songs and it makes me really excited watching all his different styles of dance in his videos.

💥 What’s your favourite quote/lyric/motto? - I don't have a motto but one of my favourite lyrics is from James Brown - Super Bad. "I got soul...and I'm super bad". I have some of the best memories dancing to this song and it feels like me and who I am.

💥 What’s your favourite Beat Boys item? - I love the Snoody, it's so cool and different I like how it's 2 styles in one. 

💥 Do you have any questions for Beat Boyz Club? - Will you be releasing any skateboard decks or new colours?

🖤 Thank you for your brilliant answers to our SUPERSTAR Q&A.⁠ 🖤 ⁠